Become an Event Sponsor

Should you wish to sponsor an event, please contact us to discuss how you can support the WordPress community in Blackburn. Sponsorship in the form of pizza and beers are always welcome which can be useful if you are looking to recruit staff locally for digital roles.

BeeWUG is a community event and as such as are always looking to grow the number of people attending the events. To do so requires a small marketing budget, hence we’ve decided to put together small Event Sponsorship packages which allow us to do this.

Sponsor an event for £100 + vat. This includes;

  • Banner at the event
  • Slide at the start/end of the presentation and public thanks to the sponsor
  • 2 minute ‘pitch’ about your company
  • Option to speak in the In Depth Talk section at the event
  • Website link on the individual event page

It is also recommended you order a bit of food and drink in for attendees as they love this. We can recommend local pizza or food delivery places if needed. We’ll let you know on the day how many people are booked so you can cater for this accordingly. We’re only a small group at the moment.

So what is the sponsorship money actually used for? Quite simply, for marketing the event to get more people attending and grow the community. To make life easier, event sponsorship will be invoiced through our Organiser Sponsor Contrado Digital Ltd who will also manage the advertising and marketing for the event locally. The sponsorship clearly isn’t being used to generate a profit, we’re looking to grow the event as much as possible and this sponsorship is a great vehicle for us to do so and a great vehicle for you to get your company known locally.

As always, the BeeWUG group is open for anyone to attend for free.